Why house call grooming?

Grooming salons today are seen everywhere and the demand for dog groomers is especially high but sometimes grooming can be difficult for you and your dog. I aim to specialize in stress-free, convenient dog care. House call grooming is a great way to have your pet groomed professionally in the comfort of your own home, which is an added benefit for an elderly dog, nervous dog, or if you yourself have a difficult time getting your dog to the salon.

No! I come prepared with a mobile shop vacuum, 6'x9' dropcloth, and bag to collect falling hair from my grooming table. Don’t worry, I clean up before leaving your home to ensure no stray hairs are left behind!

How do you dry your dogs?

Straight out of the tub your dog will be dried with a “moisture magnet”, which is a special towel which absorbs excess water.  When all toweling is complete, a high velocity dryer is used to dry your dog. This dryer has two speeds and blows luke warm air. This dryer is not like the human blow dryer that you would use on yourself which has the motor attached to the cone. The high-velocity dryer has a detached motor with an extended hose to dry your pet. So no heat to cause burns, or sound in their ears to cause your dog any annoyance. This drying method works very quickly, anywhere from 5-20 minutes (depending on the coat and size of your dog). Worried about your dog being bothered by the dryer?  No worries!  I am happy to outfit your dog with a “Happy Hoodie”, which is a snug and comfortable fabric band which fits around your pets head and ears.  The Happy Hoodie is a great tool in eliminating the anxiety that may come from being dried.

Can you groom elderly or difficult dogs?

Elderly, absolutely! Elderly dogs often times are gems to work with, and they appreciate a good grooming to get their blood circulating well again. Very often you’ll notice your senior pooch jumping like a young pup again, he will feel so good! Some dogs can be difficult, but the deciding factor is “is your dog nervous?”, or “is your dog dangerous?”. For safety and insurance reasons, I will not put myself at risk with a dog who has a previous bite history with his/her groomer. If your dog is simply nervous, I will do my best to provide the highest quality clip in which your dog will allow me to do. Should your dog become actively dangerous during his or her grooming session, it is up to my discretion on whether to safely finish the groom or not.  A minimum $25 fee will be incurred for travel if it is decided your dog is unfit to be groomed safely.

I have a custom made rolling toolbox which I simply roll into your home!  Inside of this toolbox I have all of my grooming supplies including a high-velocity dryer, shop vac and clippers.  Additionally, I carry a larger bag and small backpack with scissors, brushes, and your pups perfumes, bandanas and bows!  All I ask is you provide a location for me to groom in (generally a front foyer or kitchen), easy access to a power outlet, and a large enough sink or tub to bathe your dog! When I am complete, I simply clean up and roll everything right back out.

Do you groom every size dog?

I specialize in dogs up to 35 pounds. If you have a larger dog, I will need you to provide me hose next to your house and the appointment will be scheduled for the weekend so I can bring my assistant.

Do I need to pay for travel?

No. Free travel to Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral.

What do I need to provide for you?

Our motto is - "We bring everything but the kitchen sink!" We will need a place to bathe your pet (kitchen or laundry room sink) and a 7X7 area to set up that's preferably NOT on a carpet. Great places to set up are laundry rooms (if big enough), kitchen, hallway etc.